Join our athletic sessions to improve you mood and boost your confidence! We are advocates of fitness and our main goal is to provide guided physical exercise to everyone who wants to improve their mood and confidence.

About Us

Hey, I’m  Phillip Hernandez the owner of  Sprint feets where we offer guided athletic sessions. Clearly, physical exercise will improve your fitness, and get you closer to your weight goals. Aside from our athletic sessions, we also encourage our clients to quit smoking and slowly switch into a healthier lifestyle.

Stay Fit

our physical exercises were designed to help you stay fit.

No Boring Sessions

we integrate fun in our athletic sessions to fight ...

Preventing and Treating Tendon Spasms 101

Stretch Regularly Stretching can relax muscle fibers. When working out, a good post-work out stretching routine can help...

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Power Up 101

Going to the gym is really exhausting especially in world full of junk foods and fast food chains, but don’t get carried away with those tasty ...

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Pilates Combined with Other Activities 101

I’m sure you’ve seen pilates on an exercise ball, fitness bands, yoga, tango and so on and so forth, the list of Pilates activities just goes ...

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What People Say

I visited Sprint feets and tried their athletic sessions. Proud to say that I enjoyed every minute of it. Who knew physical exercise can be so much fun?

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